Monday, 20 September 2010

On my way to Oz.

I started my journey to Australia last night, leaving Heathrow at 22.00.

Busy Heathrow Airport.

What a relief! I got through check-in with all the photography kit. The hand luggage allowence is 5kg and I've got 13.5kg including 1D and 5D bodies and lenses up to 500mm all in my 'Thinktank Airport Acceleration' bag!I've been worrying about it all week and trying different permutations of loading a photo vest with the bodies and a couple of the lenses just to blag my way through if I got Stopped for being over weight. And believe it or not even concidered taking a handbag (yes a handbag) as they are allowed as an extra item. Anyway, I got through with the Thinktank, my laptop and an empty photo vest as carry-on and tougher bits of kit like tripod, spare batteries etc in my checked-in case wrapped in clothes.

My Malaysia Airline plane.

This time zone thing is a bit baffling. Flew through the night, got a couple of snatched shut-eye moments between movies, had breakfast an hour before getting to KL (kuala Lumpur) and landed at tea time!?!? What is that all about?
At KL for about 3 or 4 hours and then onward to Adelaide.
Anyway Burger King is calling but not sure if it's for tea, lunch, or maybe it's breakfast again.

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