Monday, 18 October 2010

Not expecting the unexpected.

How can you be in South Australia and have more cloudy or wet days than sunny ones?
How can you hire a Camper Van and fill it with supplies for a week to go to an amazing "Outback" Nature Reserve and phone the day before to find it's unreachable for the next three or four days because of floods?
How can you run a system update on your mobile and lose your Internet and your Satnav (my only decent map) with it?
How can you buy a Snickers to go with your lunch when it's £1.24 - and to get it that cheap you have to buy two?!?!
How can you drive for two hours to photograph water birds and waders and get this shot instead?

Welcome Swallows.
 Not expecting the unexpected.........


  1. Wow, that is wonderful, in flight and feeding it's young one, that wins the POTW, ha ha.

  2. Sorry to hear about the unexpected weather Chris. At least you are still getting some shots, and this is a belter.

  3. This is a very great photo.

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