Sunday, 31 October 2010

Some Classic Australian Wildlife.

Although I am back in the UK now I'm not at home yet so not able to start putting my best images onto my Website So for now I will post a few more pics on the Blog.
Here are a few Images of classic Aussie Wildlife that I've taken during the last few weeks.


Most Koalas you come across in the daytime are sleeping and are not that photogenic but here is one that woke up briefly while I passed by so had to been photographed. A moment later he was asleep again.

Female Kangaroo with Joey in her pouch.

Yes, Kangaroo's are everywhere there is a bit of unfarmed (and often farmed) countryside. But sad to say the place you most often see them while travelling is as road kill. Probably nearly as often as rabbits here in the UK.

Laughing Kookaburra.

Quite often a Kookaburra will let you get really close, just like this little beauty that came to visit us at a remote Cottage we had rented for a few days in the Grampians region. They sit quietly at a vantage point watching for a possible meal and are so engrossed that they don't seem to notice you. Then they suddenly swoop down and take meal from the ground and fly off to somewhere more private to eat it.

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